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Welcome to Bagni Rina 99

Our beach is located on a broad stretch of sandy beach in front of a particularly suitable for children due to its characteristic of low depth and maximum safety for our rescue service.

Our family provides warmth and willingness to meet your every need so you spend a fully relaxing and carefree.

Bathrooms Rina 99 is located in central area between the harbor and square Azzarita In a quiet area, with numerous shops (renowned center of Viale Dante) open until late at night from the colorful markets and local events in the driveway.

Our family has been running the bathhouse by several generations.
We are on the beach for over 100 years, passing from father to son.
In the early postwar years the factory was run by the women of the family because the men were at sea for fishing and were returning in the morning to ensure even then the rescue service.
In the years of tourism boom men leave the fishing to devote himself exclusively to the conduct of the bathhouse and increase more and more services to customers.
foto storica
foto storica della spiaggia durante la tromba d'aria del 1964
Over the years, the increasing influx of tourists and the beach takes on a more modern philosophy until March 8, 1964 when a disastrous trumpet 's air strikes on our shores and sweeps away all that are not piles of wood (when the whole equipment was built with this material). But after the storm, the lifeguards are organized from the early hours to rebuild with the help of holidaymakers.
The eighties are distinguished by the boom of the discos and Riccione become the ideal meeting place for thousands of young people who want to have fun, but unfortunately at that time the lifeguards find themselves having to contend with an environmental situation totally unexpected and fortunately finally disappeared, called mucillagine.
And here we are in the nineties, now the beach has assuntoun'aspetto more modern equipment is improving year on year and over time will always try the latest innovations for improving the services that make your stay more comfortable.
Currently the plant is operated by Othello and family, this family business handed down from generations, the distinctive warmth of Romagna and continuous innovation are the cornerstones of our work.
And it is thanks to this that for decades many families choose to spend our factory their vacations helping to forge a relationship of friendship and hospitality that we breathe in our bathhouse.

foto della spiaggia anno 2010
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